5 Things I Learned From Taking Yoga In A Foreign Language For A Month

It was filled with shots like a stunning aerial view of Vatican City from the dome of St. Peter’s Cathedral; plates of spaghetti and glasses of red wine resting on a classic checked tablecloth on a candlelit Trastevere evening; me laughing behind Ray-bans on a boat off Capri Island in glimmering sunlight.

Of course, it’s Instagram. So what it didn’t show was the truth: that I was feeling a little sick and sluggish. I was wiped out from the constant travel, daily planning, organizing itineraries, and sightseeing—combined with eating heaps of mozzarella and an ungodly amount of prosciutto.

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Flights of Fancy – my latest travel picks for Boston magazine


For this issue of Boston Weddings, I wrote about unconventional honeymoon/travel destinations that are an easy direct-flight from Logan airport. Now can I just visit all of them? No proposal required.

scenes from blizzard 2013 (nemo) in boston


^The stairs out the backdoor of my apartment complex in Boston the morning after the blizzard.


^My street in Boston at night, halfway through the blizzard.


^My street in Boston seen from above on the morning after the blizzard, with cars either completely or almost completely buried by the snowfall.

Os Gemeos on the Greenway

Tumbling through Boston again today, I stumbled on another, and the largest, of Os Gemeos’ (Brazilian twins Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo) street art murals. I love this art because I keep forgetting the twins ever came to Boston to splash some paint around, and then when I run into another one I’m always sort of actually… thrilled. It’s like introducing a little moment or opportunity quintessentially missing from urban living, in Boston and elsewhere, because everything is always happening in front of us all the time: pause, look, wonder.

The Rose Kennedy Greenway website offers more info: “Both the surrounding skyscrapers and the architecture of the Intake Structure itself influenced the subject matter of the mural: a giant, yellow-colored character in brightly mismatched clothes who appears to have squeezed himself in between the towering buildings that surround him. These yellow-colored characters are an iconic and recurrent feature in Os Gemeos’s work, and are depicted in a wide variety of situations. Sometimes they inhabit fantastical, dream-like landscapes of joy and color; other times we see them in more everyday situations–riding the subway, sitting at home with their families or, in the case of the figure on the Greenway mural, just peering at the busy city life unfolding below. The figures are frequently shown wearing whimsical hats, colorful hoods or scarves–another hallmark feature of the artists’ work. Os Gemeos hope their mural will bring color and energy to the streets of Boston as well as inspire curiosity and imagination.”

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