“Old Story” poem published in Eunoia Review

“…Just the feeling, in the suburbs, over coffee, over pavement,
that I didn’t know him at all,
and that I would cease to exist if I left him now.
Just the same old banal love story,
older than Europe and concrete and cuneiform,
that makes every country song a prophecy.”

Read the full poem at Eunoia Review.


A Design Travel Guide to Los Angeles


My latest Weekender design and travel feature for Boston Home Magazine’s Winter 2014 issue.

“best places to live” boston magazine


Boston‘s “Best Places to Live” issue, March 2013, is on the shelves. Proud of everyone’s work on this and proud to have contributed. Check out the digital magazine here: bostonmagazine.com.


Boston Weddings magazine Spring/Summer 2013

It was a lot of fun helping to produce, fact-check, write, and edit various parts of this glamorous little magazine. I wrote an article for the “Experts” section and had a great time chatting with pro videographers Tom and Melissa Dowler of Long Haul Films, as well as loved doing behind the scenes research into dresses, flowers, cakes and venues. I might not be anywhere near a wedding of my own right now, but I learned a ton working on this issue and can’t get enough of the styling, art, and featured talent throughout. Not to mention the stunning New England couples from “Real Weddings.” You guys enjoy it– I’ll just admire how pretty it all looks.

Boston Home – Fall 2012 issue

Being a wandering freelancer, I love being involved in writing, editing, research, and production of different articles, stories, and sometimes whole magazines. I was able to work as the Research Editor/Researcher for the Boston Home magazine “Kitchens” issue for Fall 2012, and I’m thrilled with the finished product.