“Death of a Goat” in Whirlwind Magazine’s Paralysis issue

The Death of a Goat

            “My brother was killed like a goat,” Boi said, leaning up against the crumbling concrete wall of the old campsite.

“What?” I said.

“That’s why I didn’t watch when they killed the goat today. My brother was killed like a goat.”

“That’s awful, Boi. I’m so sorry.”

I leaned against the wall next to him, my mind racing with doubts—about if I could begin to understand his situation, if I could appropriately respond, and then, just as quickly, if Boi was telling the truth, if his brother really was beheaded with a knife.

I had not noticed that Boi hadn’t watched the slaughter of the goat with the rest of us that day. Yet he felt as if he should explain himself, as if the absence of his presence was abnormal and required justification.

“Did you watch?” He asked me inquisitively, but with no judgment behind the question.


Read the rest of the story at Whirlwind Magazine.




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  1. Hey Gig;

    Just got a chance to read this – a couple times. I love the life and death mixing in a bowl metaphor and the harsh but honest self-evaluation. We live such sheltered and myopic lives here in the good ole USA.I love your writing style, especially when you point that literary microscope inward and aren’t afraid to be honest about what you see. No one could ever accuse you of living an “unexamined life”. Keep on ”questioning everything”!

    Love and pride,


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