I Tried To Grow Organic Mushrooms In My Apartment, And This Is What Happened


It started when my roommate was gifted a boxed Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Farm by a friend. The three of us, working professionals in our late 20s, sort of squinted at it in the Sunday afternoon light. We had never seen one before, although lately they are abounding at Whole Foods and other organic stores.

The idea of the farm is that the mushrooms grow within 7-10 days out of a cardboard box filled with live mushroom spawn (just as terrifying as it sounds), organic soil, and recycled coffee grounds and other composted waste. All you have to do is soak it in water, place it in a bright area—but not in direct sunlight—and then mist daily. Afterward, you get to harvest and cook the crop, which comes with recipes like mushroom sage flatbread, mushroom sesame ramen, or vegetable lasagna.

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Why You Should Try Meditating While Running (and How to Do It)

meditationrunningginaI’m running down Kelly Drive in Philadelphia on an unseasonably warm fall day, my purple sneakers softly thudding against the ground. As I run, I notice a young boy skateboarding on the street, and the way his red hat flops to the side. I pass dry-looking trees and plump geese gathered in the grass next to the trail, and a couple kissing on a rock overlook. I notice the way the water ripples as a racing shell cuts cleanly through the center of the Schuylkill River and glides away from me.

Would you guess that I’ve been meditating this whole time?

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3 Ways To Decorate For The Holidays With Succulents

succulentdecor-diyfriendly-1000There are reasons to choose evergreens for holiday decorating. It’s a familiar tradition, and they look magical all lit up. But too often, seasonal fir, spruce, and pine are laden with toxins and tossed right after the celebrations are over. Instead, this winter learn how to deck the halls with living, organic greenery: You can use well-placed succulents to spiff up your dinner table, add life to a snowy windowsill, and make funky DIY gifts. Here’s my guide to using them to decorate.

How To Make A Succulent Wreath

Whether it’s flowery purple Echeveria, plump “moonstone” Pachyphytum, or waxy Aeonium, plants from the succulent family tend to be beautifully lush and easy to care for indoors, provided that they get their requisite sunlight. Make an earth-friendly investment this season—and enjoy them in your home the entire year, not just during the brief holidays—with this succulent wreath.

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How To Write Your Way Out Of An Emotional Funk In Just 20 Minutes


What if you could write your way to a happier you in as little as 20 minutes?

That’s the promise of a new book, Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, and Thrive in Work and Life, that looked at decades of psychological research to determine that writing about something emotionally poignant for just 20 minutes at least 3 times a week can drastically change a person’s outlook and emotional stability…

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5 Things I Learned From Taking Yoga In A Foreign Language For A Month

It was filled with shots like a stunning aerial view of Vatican City from the dome of St. Peter’s Cathedral; plates of spaghetti and glasses of red wine resting on a classic checked tablecloth on a candlelit Trastevere evening; me laughing behind Ray-bans on a boat off Capri Island in glimmering sunlight.

Of course, it’s Instagram. So what it didn’t show was the truth: that I was feeling a little sick and sluggish. I was wiped out from the constant travel, daily planning, organizing itineraries, and sightseeing—combined with eating heaps of mozzarella and an ungodly amount of prosciutto.

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