This Company Is Turning Air Pollution Into Works Of Art


Imagine if instead of your car emitting fumes out of its exhaust pipe, it was emitting ink that could be bottled, sold, and put to good use. That’s exactly how Anirudh Sharma, then an MIT graduate student, saw things when, upon returning to India for a conference, he realized that the pollution in the air was so heavy that it was leaving black flecks on his white shirt.


Meet The Young Female Hunter Making Beautiful, Ethical Leather Bags By Hand


A good leather bag is hard to find. A one-of-a-kind leather bag handcrafted by a young female hunter who values her connection with animals and nature—almost impossible. Enter Brittany Davis and her bespoke leather goods shop, Brass + Blade Leatherworks.

Growing up in rural Northern California, Davis would often accompany her dad on hunts and eat primarily wild meat, from black-tailed-deer to wild boar, which, she explains, instilled in her a passion for the environment and protecting natural spaces.


I Wore Blue Light Blocking Glasses Every Day For A Week—Here’s What I Learned


I’d heard of blue light blocking glasses before: they were yellow, ugly, and not worth the laughter I would get from both roommates and coworkers if I wore them regularly. But, I had a problem: For my job, I needed to spend a minimum of eight hours a day staring at a computer screen. Plus, unfortunately, in my “down time” after work, I would often find myself staring at another, smaller screen: the crip rectangle of my iPhone 7, which would constantly beam more blue light into my face.


How To Make Your Own Glass Terrarium


If you buy a terrarium ready-made at a garden store, it can be pricey. But if you make one yourself out of a rounded vase or fishbowl (you can even use an old glass coffee pot) you already have, you can save a mint and still have a beautiful, green tabletop feature for your home or office.

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Repealing the Affordable Care Act Is Immoral

Through the Affordable Care Act, I was able to stay on my parents’ healthcare until I was 26, and then buy healthcare for myself and pay it every month as I worked full-time building my business and career as an adjunct professor of English and a freelance magazine writer. My brother was able to buy his insurance through the ACA to work full time at a job that does not offer health insurance, while still writing and creating comics and recording and selling music, building his own career and business rather than being forced to work for an employer to get healthcare. Millions of others were able to afford payments for care through the ACA even though they suffer from cancer or another terrible disease, because of the provision not to deny healthcare based on a pre-existing condition. Repealing the ACA harshly punishes people who put everything into their own small businesses and dreams, and sentences others to bankruptcy and death. The ACA is imperfect and should be revised and improved in many ways, but that does not mean repealing it. In my opinion, repealing the ACA with no replacement is not only irresponsible but also completely immoral.


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How To Write Your Way Out Of An Emotional Funk In Just 20 Minutes


What if you could write your way to a happier you in as little as 20 minutes?

That’s the promise of a new book, Emotional Agility: Get Unstuck, Embrace Change, and Thrive in Work and Life, that looked at decades of psychological research to determine that writing about something emotionally poignant for just 20 minutes at least 3 times a week can drastically change a person’s outlook and emotional stability…

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