Winter Home Magazine 2013 (Best of Boston issue)


Latest issue of Boston Home magazine for winter 2013, featuring this year’s Best of Boston Home picks. Lots of fun to work on this one!

Check out this issue here.


Kenyan student Andrew Kiare to continue high school studies in NYC

414959_302769176509189_2054276819_o [photo courtesy of Andrew Kiare]

Andrew Kiare, a friend and student in Kenya affiliated with the non-profit Harambee USA, has been offered a full scholarship to to study at the Xavier High School in Manhattan for the next four years. Andrew, who has already been excelling at his studies in Kenya, has been hoping for an opportunity to study abroad for some time now. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Mark Orrs, a PhD in Sustainable Development at Columbia University as well a professor at Lehigh University, Andrew has found housing with the very generous Joe Shrank and Laurie Dhue in New York while he continues his studies. This is an incredibly exciting instance of cultures coming together for a greater good. Studying abroad can change a person and expand their vision beyond the scope of their immediate life, no matter what culture they come from. The opportunity for a smart and motivated teen from a developing country like Kenya to be able to have that experience is even more valuable, however, because he can take his experiences back to his country and be a force for change and development there, where change and development are already brewing. Another friend, Michael Mungai, was given a similar opportunity with a college scholarship at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, my alma mater, and he is now completing his masters degree and writes for The Huffington Post, with plans to move back to Kenya this coming year. Congratulations to Andrew, Mark Orrs, and Xavier High, and everyone who continues to take big, fearless steps where other people would balk and claim “impossible.”

Boston Weddings magazine Spring/Summer 2013

It was a lot of fun helping to produce, fact-check, write, and edit various parts of this glamorous little magazine. I wrote an article for the “Experts” section and had a great time chatting with pro videographers Tom and Melissa Dowler of Long Haul Films, as well as loved doing behind the scenes research into dresses, flowers, cakes and venues. I might not be anywhere near a wedding of my own right now, but I learned a ton working on this issue and can’t get enough of the styling, art, and featured talent throughout. Not to mention the stunning New England couples from “Real Weddings.” You guys enjoy it– I’ll just admire how pretty it all looks.

Seasons always changing: autumn leaves cover Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum

There’s something about autumn leaves that endlessly captivates us — this idea that the world around us can change just like that, and be entirely different even though it’s also still the same. I’ve lived in places that have the four seasons all my life, and as much as I gripe as soon as the cold sets in and worship the sun all summer, I can’t imagine not experiencing those changes every year, moving me along. These shots were taken on my birthday of this year, October 27, and I have no idea how I ever got to be 25.

Boston Home – Fall 2012 issue

Being a wandering freelancer, I love being involved in writing, editing, research, and production of different articles, stories, and sometimes whole magazines. I was able to work as the Research Editor/Researcher for the Boston Home magazine “Kitchens” issue for Fall 2012, and I’m thrilled with the finished product.