In October of 2018, Gina Tomaine wrote an essay for Philadelphia magazine about the local popularity of tarot reading and astrology. Tomaine, Illustrator James Boyle and Philadelphia art director Alyse Moyer came up with an accompanying image of three Philadelphia-themed tarot cards. There was such an overwhelming response to the article and image that Boyle set out to produce a full custom Philadelphia-themed Tarot deck, complete with an accompanying guidebook, which Tomaine penned. Boyle’s The Philly Tarot Deck has 78 full-color illustrations featuring beloved local icons like Gritty, Grace Kelly, the Rocky Statue, a SEPTA bus, and City Hall. Tomaine is the author of The Philly Tarot Deck Guide Book, created by illustrator James Boyle. You can buy the deck at PhillyTarotDeck.com.

Tomaine has written about tarot for publications like PhiladelphiaYoga Journal and Cosmopolitan and has done extensive research on the subject. Currently, she is a student of tarot and a self-taught practitioner of intuitive tarot. Contact her at gina.tomaine@gmail.com for inquiries.