Putting a family of boys through highschool in Kenya

I have been fundraising for a orphanage/center for boys in Dagoretti, Kenya called “Harambee” for the past five years.  I’ve had the privilege to travel to Kenya several times and come to know and love the boys at the center through my time there. These boys have no families, or families that cannot support them. The current objectives are simply to put them through high school and allow them a possibility for a future not on the streets, with an education that affords them opportunities to work and support themselves. Through the boys’ years at the center they have become a family who support one another and have grown up together.

We are currently accepting international donors to support the boys, with full transparency on the website. We are also selling “HOPE” t-shirts for $20 each with all proceeds going directly to the boys. They’re pretty fabulous and made of the soft American Apparel material rather than typical lower quality cotton t-shirts. Add one to your gym wardrobe?

From our organization’s website: “Harambee USA, Inc. is a group of caring individuals pulling together to support disadvantaged youth and communities in Kenya. Currently we support a family of former street boys and help sponsor a girls soccer team in Nairobi. Please join with us and help see to it that these kids graduate from high school!”

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